SUNLIGHT FLASHLIGHT CO., LTD. is a manufacturer and an import agency of torches, wall-type torches, spotlight lanterns, headlamps, LED torches, LED headlamps, bulbs, normal batteries, seal lead acid batteries, battery chargers, rechargeable headlamp sets with chargers. In addition, the flashlights for camping, hunting, agriculture, fishery, rubber plantation, including the wall-type emergency flashlights using in buildings, offices, hotels or service apartments and etc. Moreover, we also produce the other electronic components and spare parts regarding to those products as well. 

We have been being a manufacturer sice 1980, then in 1987 we initiated to import the copy- right brand products from abroad and we have become the sole agent in Thailand afterward. “Tiger Head” brand flashlights of Guangzhou Flashlight Industrial Corporation and “Longway” brand seal lead acid batteries of Zhongshan Longway Battery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are the samples. 

Through the years, we always keep developing our products in the aspect of features and usages to meet the customer demands and satifactions by emphasis with the product quality, including being the leader of innovative technology by applying it to use with our products. This makes our products are always up-to-date and also energy saving. At the present, we are the leader in Thailand flashlight market and we also do the export around the world as well. We are appreciated and proud to have you as our exclusive customers and business partners. You are welcome to our company!!